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Rock Content creates innovative marketing products and services, designed to build content experiences at scale. Our company cultivates successful relationships with customers, partners, and employees while driving global competitiveness.

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Our story

When Rock Content was founded in 2013, content marketing was not a widely adopted strategy in Brazil. Our founders saw an opportunity to combine their marketing and technology experience to create a company whose sole mission was to help brands create valuable content that impacted their business.

In the early days, the three founders had two rules: Rock Content would “eat its dog food” by growing the company using the same content marketing strategies they were selling, and if they didn’t have 100 customers in the first six months, they would close the company. We hit the goal in less than five month, with no chance of slowing down.

Today our sites and blogs have more than eight million sessions a month, and our online courses have more than 360 thousand registered students. In 2015 we expanded to the rest of Latin America, and in 2019 acquired ScribbleLive, a North American technology company, consolidating our global presence.

Rock Content’s offering has expanded to include services, software, and content to help brands plan and execute marketing strategies. We are now a global leader in content marketing, with offices in four countries and six locations worldwide, 2,000 customers, and about 500 employees.

We enable opportunities for growth

We follow one simple mission: “Enable Opportunities For Growth”. We can only grow as a company if our Rockers, customers and talent network grow with us. This mission guided us to become a global leader in content marketing.

We help brands drive revenue and build awareness by:

  • Unleashing collaboration through technology. Studio, our Marketing Resource Management platform, enables structured and efficient collaboration within and across marketing teams.
  • Connecting marketers with a global network of vetted creative talent through Visually, so they can efficiently scale their content creation.
  • Delivering premium brand and content experiences to their audience by using Ion, our interactive experience platform, and Stage, our world-class WordPress hosting.

Companies such as Red Bull, IBM, Cisco, FedEx, Autodesk, Reuters, Yahoo, American Express, and Citizens Bank leverage Rock Content solutions to create scalable premium content experiences.

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