Overcome marketing collaboration barriers

Manage simple to complex projects, across teams and departments, and overcome collaboration barriers. Streamline tasks, encourage collaboration, and keep everyone aligned to the same purpose.


What is Studio?

Studio helps agencies and marketing teams manage their projects and campaigns by streamlining tasks, encouraging collaboration, and providing insightful reports.

It can be used to control projects for an internal team or orchestrate the activities of external teams, in one central location, effectively eliminating hard to follow email threads.

Boost the results by promoting collaboration

Boost the results by promoting collaboration

Centralize your strategy's digital assets in one place, organizing tasks according to each team member's skills and responsibilities. As a result, everyone can collaborate with their best ideas, thriving as a team!

Create projects that can be shared with multiple teams and easily assign tasks to the right resource, allowing collaboration across the organization

Enjoy the benefits of customization

Create customized workflows according to what best fits your team's way of working and different digital assets' needs. Then, improve them whenever necessary and increase efficiency.

Ensure alignment and a consistent creative process

Ensure alignment and a consistent creative process

Keep the team on the same page, making deadlines and priorities accessible to everyone. Also, ensure brand consistency across all productions by bringing the guidelines together in a single source.

Bring your marketing strategy to life

Increase marketing results by organizing content production and maintaining consistency of publications. With the editorial calendar, you can check when and where a post is scheduled to be published and its current production status. The publication can also be set directly through the tool.

Provide clear visibility for everyone involved

Stimulate accountability and excellent responsiveness in your team by giving them a clear view of what needs to be done and what is in progress. Increase stakeholders' trust with an accurate overview of each project's progress within the defined processes, connecting it to the big picture.

Gantt chart
Have a clear vision of when things will happen and their deadlines. Improve resource management by using the Gantt chart, which organizes the activities planned for each team member into continuous bars, delimiting the start and end dates.

Track the activities' status as they move through key milestones: new activity, in progress, in approval, and completed. Provide a clear view of the activities currently being worked on and make it easy to catch tasks that may be stuck or slipping behind.

A marketing management solution for seamless collaboration!