Account-based marketing solutions

Identify high-value prospects and forge genuine connections

An effective account-based marketing (ABM) approach is about mapping stakeholders at your most valuable accounts and then creating relevant, custom-tailored, content to reach, attract and engage with them. That's a lot of work, so let our solutions for account-based marketing help you win those large deals.

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Scale content production to meet the demands of account-based marketing

No matter how much content you need for your ABM strategy, our content creation platform is ready to deliver. Partner with top-tier freelancers to create premium-quality content experiences for both your existing clients and new prospects. Tap into the platform tools and easy-to-use collaboration software to produce the greatest amount of high-end content in the least amount of time.

Account-based marketing solutions designed for engagement

Engagement increases time spent with your content and facilitates brand recognition. Using , create engaging interactive content experiences and assessments that address the specific pain points and desires of the stakeholders working at your target companies, gather insights from first-party data and maximize your investment. Collected user data can be integrated into your CRM or marketing automation platform.


Delight customers and boost revenue

Demonstrate industry expertise and brand recognition for your company by delivering memorable content to the right professionals and by having a solid online presence. With , our WordPress hosting solution designed for marketers, your team can create content hubs that attract and engage the right audience, all without knowing how to code. Ion interactive experiences can be embedded into your content hub to create a memorable destination. Help your sales team close deals more often and keep customers engaged over time.

Ready to get started?

Our Content Cloud offers a complete, integrated suite of marketing solutions to help you scale content production, manage marketing teams and projects, publish and optimize content and create interactive content that will take your brand to the next level.